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The Havana Room by Colin Harrison


Bill Wyeth is a rising real estate attorney living the lofty heights of success. Then a tragic accident claims everything he has: his family, his fortune, his career. But this is Manhattan, and Bill has much further to fall. His downward spiral lands him at the table of Allison Sparks, the dangerously alluring owner of a midtown steakhouse. She needs a personal favor of him–to engineer a midnight trade-off in a shady multi million-dollar real estate deal. For a man with nothing left to lose, the set-up is too lucrative to refuse, and like Allison, too forbidden to resist. But her favor draws him deeper into a web of sex, deception, and murder–and to a secret place at the back of her restaurant, the Havana Room, where a man might find both evil and redemption. “The Havana Room” is a great New York thriller from a modern master of the genre.


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