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$6.00 Leonora Hutton’s friend, a con artist, embezzles more than a million dollars. Accused of being in on the scam, Leonora sets out to find the cash and hand it over. Along with the money hidden in a safe deposit box is a book about a mansion filled with antique mirrors and newspaper articles about an unsolved murder. Together, Leonora and Thomas Walker must figure out what is going on.

$8.00 Barbara Parker introduces one of the most unforgettable female characters in suspense fiction: high-profile Miami defense attorney C. J. Dunn. C J. Dunn is an expert at spinning her clients’ image in the media. She is the perfect lawyer to deflect police interest in Rick Slater, head of security for Bob Shelby, a US congressman from Miami. Slater was seen at a South Beach party with the recently vanished Alana Martin, and in election season, any hint of scandal could doom the congressman’s chances. C. J. has reasons not to like Slater’s boss, but, if she succeeds, friends of the congressman have assured her that they can arrange a spot for her as a legal commentator on a national media outlet. For a woman living alone, with few close friends, a celebrity life does have its appeal. But as the media close in, hounding everyone connected to the case, C. J. finds connections she had never anticipated. When Alana Martin is found dead and C. J.’s investigator implicates Rick Slater, C. J. is slammed between the media and the need to defend a client she no longer trusts. Then he delivers a bombshell: C. J.’s daughter, Traci Willis, the child she gave up for adoption seventeen years before, was a friend of Alana Martin’s. Traci has information that could save Rick Slater but at the same time could reveal a devastating secret that would put C. J.’s career–and even her life–on the line.


Bill Wyeth is a rising real estate attorney living the lofty heights of success. Then a tragic accident claims everything he has: his family, his fortune, his career. But this is Manhattan, and Bill has much further to fall. His downward spiral lands him at the table of Allison Sparks, the dangerously alluring owner of a midtown steakhouse. She needs a personal favor of him–to engineer a midnight trade-off in a shady multi million-dollar real estate deal. For a man with nothing left to lose, the set-up is too lucrative to refuse, and like Allison, too forbidden to resist. But her favor draws him deeper into a web of sex, deception, and murder–and to a secret place at the back of her restaurant, the Havana Room, where a man might find both evil and redemption. “The Havana Room” is a great New York thriller from a modern master of the genre.


In this – his richest, most thrilling, most rewarding novel yet – John le Carre leaves behind the world of Smiley and his people and leads us through entirely new labyrinths of intrigue. His story is the secret pursuit by Israeli intelligence agents of an exceptionally dangerous and elusive Palestinian terrorist leader; and it is the terrifying adventure of a young English actress drawn inexorably to the center of a magnificent deception.


As Mallory and her official and unofficial partners, Riker and Charles Butler, investigate, a remarkable story begins to emerge – one of murderous greed and family horror, abandonment and loss, revenge and twisted love – a ghost story peopled by all-too-real flesh and blood. And in the end, though more people will die, and not well, it is Mallory herself will be most changed. Filled with the intricate plotting, resonant characters, and extraordinarily rich prose that are her hallmarks, Winter House is O’Connell’s most powerful – and most astonishing – novel yet.

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