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Devra Speregen


how often should you chat with dating before meeting What’s with Stephanie’s friend Allie? She visited a fortune-teller once, and now Stephanie and Allie can’t go anywhere until Allie checks her horoscope, reads wet tea leaves or calls the Psychics’ Hot Line! Superstitions are running Allie’s life – and ruining Stephanie’s! So Stephanie comes up with a plan to prove once and for all that fortune-tellers are fakes!

$1.00 Stephanie friendly with a Flamingo? No way! Everyone knows that the girls in the Flamingo club are phony and snobs. But Melody Kimball seems different. At least, that’s what Stephanie thinks – until she goes on the big school ski trip. When Melody joins Stephanie’s ski team, the Flamingoes suddenly know all of Stephanie’s secrets. Now it’s war on the slopes! Is Melody to blame? Stephanie says no but can she prove it? Or is he brand-new friend really no friend at all?


Stephanie’s just discovered that she’s an incredible cook. Good enough to start her own catering business! Everyone’s full of advice for making her business a major success. But Stephanie can succeed on her own, right? Wrong! Cooking for clients is way harder than cooking for her family. Suddenly, her cakes are collapsing, her soup is slop and her pasta’s pathetic! Plus, she’s losing money fast! Can Stephanie swallow her pride in time to prove that she has the recipe for success?


Valentine’s Day is on the way! Stephanie wants a certain someone to know that he is her valentine. Her plan? To send him a message by radio – on the special Teen Love Night show. Joey’s promised to get her message on the air. But he’s feeling blue because he has no valentine of his own. He might even cancel the show – and then Steph’s new heartthrob will never know how she feels.

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