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Barbie is thrilled. She’s reviewing the world premiere of the new play The Masked Stranger, and she has front row seats! Now she’s sure to get a close-up of the priceless jeweled mask used in the performance. But when the mask goes missing in the middle of the show, it looks like someone’s out to steal more than just the spotlight! Its up to Barbie to go backstage and catch that crook.


Help! There’s a spy in Club Stephanie! Stephanie, Darcy, Anna, Allie, and Kayla have been working on a top-secret project making a float to compete in the marina’s big summer parade at sea! All the girls swore to keep their float idea a secret form their rival group, the Flamingoes. So why does the Flamingoes’ float look exactly like Club Stephanie’s? There can only be one explanation. Someone in Club Stephanie is a spy, working for the Flamingoes! Will Stephanie be able to uncover the traitor before her chances of winning the big parade are all washed up?


What’s with Stephanie’s friend Allie? She visited a fortune-teller once, and now Stephanie and Allie can’t go anywhere until Allie checks her horoscope, reads wet tea leaves or calls the Psychics’ Hot Line! Superstitions are running Allie’s life – and ruining Stephanie’s! So Stephanie comes up with a plan to prove once and for all that fortune-tellers are fakes!


Stephanie can’t wait for the class overnight. She’ll finally be able to prove to her father that she’s old enough to be on her own. But then disaster strikes! Dad says she can go only if he goes too! To make matters worse, Stephanie has to share a tent with Mia, the class troublemaker. With Dad and Mia driving her crazy, Stephanie’s ready to take a hike!


What gives? Stephanie and Darcy were supposed to be doubles partners in the tennis club. Then Darcy chose the new girl, Sara Albright, as her partner instead. Stephanie’s hurt. So hurt that she challenges Darcy to a face-off game in front of the whole school. Stephanie’s determined to win. There’s only one problem: if she does, Darcy will never forgive her. Is Stephanie really ready to lose her best friend forever?


Red, white, and . . . pink? Stephanie thought this summer was going to be the best one ever. But it’s turning out to be the absolute worst! She’s lost her boyfriend. She’s lost her best friend. Now she’s about to lose Club Stephanie for good! And it’s all because of the no-good Flamingoes! Sparks will fly when Stephanie tries to even the score!


Summer is here, and it’s off to a sun-sational start for Stephanie, Allie, and Darcy! They’ve made friends with two new girls, Kayla and Anna. Together, the five of them start a summer camp for kids called Club Stephanie – and it’s a sizzling success! But then everything flops – all because of the Flamingoes! They’ve started their own summer camp, the Little Flamingoes. Suddenly, all of Club Stephanie’s campers want to be Little Flamingoes too! Is Club Stephanie doomed? Have the Flamingoes won once again?


There’s a new girl in Stephanie’s class. Wendy’s really nice, but she’s well . . .a little geeky. Stephanie does her best to help Wendy fit in. She even takes her to the mall and helps her buy cool clothes and the right CD’s. But the Flamingoes, who think they’re the coolest kids in school, start playing nasty tricks on Wendy. Their teasing goes too far, and Stephanie gets mad. Then she decides to get even!


Stephanie friendly with a Flamingo? No way! Everyone knows that the girls in the Flamingo club are phony and snobs. But Melody Kimball seems different. At least, that’s what Stephanie thinks – until she goes on the big school ski trip. When Melody joins Stephanie’s ski team, the Flamingoes suddenly know all of Stephanie’s secrets. Now it’s war on the slopes! Is Melody to blame? Stephanie says no but can she prove it? Or is he brand-new friend really no friend at all?


Stephanie’s new classmate Amber Armstrong has it all: looks, talent – and a career as a model! Suddenly, Stephanie feels very un-special. Then a modeling contest is announced. Stephanie is determined to win. But how? She can hardly believe her luck when Amber offers to share her backstage modeling tips. Does Stephanie actually have a shot at stardom? Or is Amber setting her up for a fall?


Stephanie’s just discovered that she’s an incredible cook. Good enough to start her own catering business! Everyone’s full of advice for making her business a major success. But Stephanie can succeed on her own, right? Wrong! Cooking for clients is way harder than cooking for her family. Suddenly, her cakes are collapsing, her soup is slop and her pasta’s pathetic! Plus, she’s losing money fast! Can Stephanie swallow her pride in time to prove that she has the recipe for success?


Valentine’s Day is on the way! Stephanie wants a certain someone to know that he is her valentine. Her plan? To send him a message by radio – on the special Teen Love Night show. Joey’s promised to get her message on the air. But he’s feeling blue because he has no valentine of his own. He might even cancel the show – and then Steph’s new heartthrob will never know how she feels.

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