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free interracial dating online Feel confident in full coverage of the curriculum requirements with an atlas specially created to cover Social Studies, Geography, and History. – Encourage awareness of the whole Caribbean region with a 44-page Caribbean section, containing detailed maps of all independent countries and major dependent territories from The Bahamas to Trinidad, and including Belize and Guyana.- Engage students in topical issues with a world mapping section, including features on world climate, the environment, and population. – Introduce a solid foundation in geographical knowledge with world facts and figures for all nations.- Secure strong geographical skills with a feature on map reading and how to use an atlas.- Ensure ease-of-use with a 4-page index showing letter-figure grid references to place names found on the maps.


– Enhance learning with extension activities for both Social Studies and Geography.
– Develop independent thought, critical thinking and problem solving with a range of activities including games and quizzes.

The Workbook is suitable for Grades 4-9 and can be used alongside the Hodder Education Caribbean School Atlas.


A comprehensive study of the region for the Caribbean and Bahamian examinations. Extensive coverage of Bahamian topics and 23 other countries, with a guide to fieldwork. Includes fully worked field assignments.


Map Reading for the Caribbean is not intended for absolute beginners, but it does take into account the fact that many students who are familiar with the elements of geography have had little opportunity to relate these elements to the West Indian landscapes represented by the range of maps in this book. It is a workbook based on the principle that the best way to learn how to interpret maps is to carry out a series of exercises based on them. Of the 47 assignments contained in this book, 35 follow a carefully graded sequence designed first to teach the basic skills of map reading and then to assist students to use what they have learned in interpreting features of increasing complexity. The remaining 12 assignments have been included as revision exercises to ensure that students do not forget the techniques they have.

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A new edition of the widely used school atlas now including a range of Caribbean and world maps, designed for the primary grades and to accompany the Primary Social Studies and Tourism Education for The Bahamas series.

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Buy Fildena 150 online Prepared specifically to support social studies, map skills, early geography skills plus history and heritage topics in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas Social Studies curricula for upper primary and lower secondary.

The atlas is fully illustrated and includes the most up to date reference and thematic mapping of the Bahamas, countries within the Caribbean Community and the broader Caribbean region. Maps are fully supported with illustrations, photographs, and data. World maps cover international issues which have a bearing on Caribbean development.

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Basic Mapping Skills is written specifically to support the teaching and learning skills and helps provide an excellent foundation for the Bahamas Junior Certificate examination in the area of Social Studies. Topics in this volume include: • Maps and Globes • Parts of a Map • Types of Maps • Comparing Maps • Map Symbols • Directions • Sixteen Point Compass and Bearings • Map Scales • Locating Places on a Map or Globe • Understanding Latitude and Longitude • Understanding Grids • Landforms and Water Features • The World Map • The Bahamas • The Earth and Sun Relationship • Earth Movements • Weather and Climate • Hurricanes • World’s Major Climatic Zones And a Sample Unit Test This book can be used for grades 7, 8 and 9.

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