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$37.95 Chemistry for CSEC® Examinations is part of a well-established series of books aimed at students preparing for their CSEC Science studies. Rejuvenated in a third edition, Chemistry for CSEC® Examinations features comprehensive, systematic coverage of the latest CSEC syllabus (2013). Written by an expert team of science educators, this revised edition benefits from a new, clear and accessible design and the most up-to-date scientific information.


Complete Chemistry provides up-to-date coverage of all the content required for the new syllabuses for GCSE and IGCSE Science: Chemistry. It is ideal for students taking GCSE or equivalent examinations and provides an excellent foundation for those wishing to follow chemistry courses at an advanced level.


The second edition of GCSE Chemistry has been produced to reflect the revised GCSE specifications and to ensure that it is thoroughly up to date. In particular: the development of scientific ideas has been expanded with additional material on the discovery of the periodic table and theories of acids and bases; further information has been provided on topics such as instrumental techniques for identifying elements and compounds, the effects of plate tectonics, colloids and carboxylic acids, specifically aspirin, ascorbic acid and citric acid; there is additional material on the technological applications of chemistry including the extraction and use of titanium and industrial uses of enzymes; Internet research activities have been included; many of the questions within the text at the end of each chapter have been updated; and questions from recent past papers have been used for the GCSE exam questions.

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  • Fully revised and updated according to the specific needs of your high attainers, with appropriate language and content.
  • A wealth of questions in each of the textbooks challenge, reinforce and consolidate learning.
  • The structures support a condensed two year Key Stage three and are ideal preparation for GCSEs or IGCSE.
  • Practical Resource and Assessment Packs provide teachers with additional support for practical work, assessment, end of unit tests and extension work.

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