International Edition Textbooks

Sometimes when buying textbooks online you aren’t always able to tell where it’s coming from. You may even come across a textbook that was published outside of the United States (International Editions). There are several reasons why you would not see these books in your typical Bahamian bookstore. Some publishers of International Editions prohibit the sale of these books in the United States and Canada. This doesn’t mean that you cannot benefit from the savings that come along with these versions. These editions are becoming increasingly popular within the college community. Read on to learn more about International Edition Textbooks and why they may be a good option for you.

What is an International Edition Textbook?
International Edition textbooks are simply books that have been published for sale outside of the United States.

How are International Edition Textbooks Identified?
You can tell that a book is an International Edition by looking at the cover or inside for the publication information. These books are usually clearly labeled as “International Edition” or “IE, and sometimes as “low price edition”.

What attributes may be different in an International Edition Textbook?
Although these editions are very similar to their US published counterparts and usually contain the exact same information (page for page), there can be some differences.
• The ISBN may be different.
• They may have a different image on the cover of the books.
• The quality of printing paper can be different.
• They are usually printed as a softcover.
• They may be printed in black and white only which can make a difference when viewing diagrams and illustrations.

Will an International Edition Textbook work for my course?
If the ISBN of the International Edition textbook matches the ISBN on your course syllabus, then you are good to go! Be mindful of the differences noted above and if they could potentially pose an issue (notably the black and white print). If the ISBN doesn’t match, it would be best to check with your professor who would usually be able to say if the edition would work for their class.